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Residence Life Graduate Assistant

General Summary: 
Under the supervision of an Area Coordinator, and in partnership with the Residence Life staff team, the Residence Life Graduate Assistant is a para-professional position within the Office of Residence Life. The RLGA serves primarily as a connection point between the Area Council students and the Area Coordinator in their assigned areas. The major responsibilities of this position include; advising Area Council (including participation in trainings and meetings with the supervising AC and Area Council Advisory group), and performing other administrative duties as assigned. 
Required Qualifications: 
  • Residence life, programming, or ministry experience. 
  • Be an academically successful student in good standing with academic department or enrolled program. 
  • Be in good conduct standing with Seattle Pacific University, Abide by all university policies and procedures and related State and Federal laws. 
  • Experience with and knowledge of supporting and advocating for students of different cultural, ethnic, religious, ability, gender identity, sexual orientations, and diverse backgrounds. 
  • Be in agreement with the SPU statement of faith - 
  • Role model, encourage positive academic behaviors, and help students to create an environment that is conducive to studying and learning outside of the classroom. 
  • Ability to work varied hours including late nights and early mornings, occasional weekends. 
  • Demonstration of self-confidence, leadership, assertiveness, maturity and personal stability. 
  • Ability to plan and facilitate social activities and educational program in on-campus communities. 
  • Ability to maintain a mature and responsible presence while managing important and/or complex student concerns and situations. 
Position Benefits: 
  • Campus minimum wage/maximum of 20 hours a week, 12-15 hours average per week. 
  • @ 10 hours per week August 22 through September 23
  • @ 10-15 hours per week during Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters (September ’22- June ’23) 
  • On-campus meal plan 
  • Professional development opportunities, potential for internship credit (program dependent) 

  • The Graduate Assistant reports directly to the Area Coordinator of their assigned area for supervision and support. Additionally, as the Area Council Advisor, this person also reports to the ORL staff member responsible for Area Council advising. 
  • Support Area Council students in a para-professional advising role. Ability to demonstrate exceptional maturity and model healthy boundaries regarding time, role definition, confidentiality, and managing student conduct within the advising role. 
Advise Hall Council (variable 45-50%): 
  • Area Council weekly meetings 
  • Area Council executive officer supervision meetings 
  • Area Council advisors weekly meeting 
  • Attending area social events (evenings) 
Office/Administrative hours (variable 25%): 
  • Area Council administrative duties including budget and event oversight 
  • Participation in Area Council Selection Activities 
  • Regular walkthroughs/presence in community (front desk hours) 
Supervisory/Support Meetings (variable 25%): 
  • Meeting with Area Council supervisor – (1 hour a week) 
  • Quarterly 1:1 with each Area Council Member 
Other Residence Life Assignments (Variable 10-15%): 
  • Attending Fall Area Council Trainings, Leadership Conference, and Area Retreats 
  • Participate in ongoing Area Council assessment, both of individual events and program as a whole 
  • Quarterly SLDC in-service 
  • Spring Quarter Training for next school year 
This Position Description reflects Seattle Pacific University’s best effort to describe the essential duties and essential qualifications of the position described. It is not an exhaustive statement of all the duties, responsibilities or qualifications of the position. This document is not intended to exclude an opportunity for modifications consistent with providing reasonable accommodation. This is not intended to be a contract.